Your will is an important document in which you must specify where your assets should go, after you have gone.

You should choose your executors carefully, as they are the people tasked with ensuring your final wishes are carried out efficiently and objectively.

You may have personal items that you want to go to specific people, or you may want your executors to oversee a general division of those items.

If you have young children, you need to consider who should be appointed as their guardians while they are still young. And funds may be needed from your estate to pay for their upbringing.

One matter that many don’t realise is that, unless your will states that it is in contemplation of your marriage to X, the will becomes void on the day you marry.

Blended families are also a very common issue these days, and consideration needs to be given to all children from each relationship.

Most importantly, your will needs to be clearly written, so that no misunderstandings arise when you are no longer around to explain the reasoning behind it.

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