Adrienne will guide you through the often complicated issues in creating, buying or selling a business in a clear way. Working with your accountant, she will discuss the various business structures, from sole trader to partnership to company.

Taxation and GST matters must also be considered, at the time of preparation and signing a business agreement.

She will help you through the lease agreement for business premises, which can be critical to the success of the enterprise, including looking to the future and sale of the business after your period of ownership.

If you are intending to have partners or co-directors, she will guide you through the requirements of either a partnership or shareholders agreement, so that a clear structure is in place going forward.

The sale of the business down the track is equally important, as this is when your hard work is hopefully rewarded.

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Thanks for being such a good lawyer. Your skills overflow. You are an excellent listener and know exactly how to react. Didn’t I choose well?

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It is always very reassuring to know we are in very capable hands and you always 'have our back'. Your open, friendly manner is refreshing and something we have appreciated over the decades(!!)